VIRTUAL Learning

Reduce learning time with Augmented Reality.

In this video we show a real assembly process guided step by step using Augmented Reality.
Enter virtual elements (text, graphics, video, 3D) to facilitate understanding of the processes of repair, maintenance, installation and training

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Technical Support

Augmented Reality allows to guide the processes in the repair of equipment, by displaying virtual objects superimposed on reality. This is achieved by optimizing the time and minimize risk in repair procedures.

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Virtual Manuals

You focus your tablet or smartphone to any equipment, see its manual or repair, regardless of the number of references and alternatives without paper manuals or reference errors in product repair or install.

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Reduce the learning curve using Augmented Reality. This technology will enable the display of hidden items and a better understanding of complex learning processes


  • Training

  • Workshops

  • Presentations

  • Complex or a large number of references systems

  • Training or simulation

  • Installations or remote repairs


  • Improving learning time

  • Using remote environments

  • Better understanding of complex processes

  • Cost savings in training

  • Display hidden items

  • No need to consult reference materials

  • Reduce the risk of error

  • Experience intuitive and enriched product