• Project presentation

    Using our solutions of Augmented Reality, you may present projects to your customers on a dynamic way and in 3D with a real perspective of your features and it will fit in the environment.

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  • Geolocated information

    Mix reality and the virtual world to visualize the information needed of your vital process on the real time and in the right place.

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  • Planning facilities

    Simplify and speed the planning of facilities by integrating Augmented Reality.

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  • Product development

    Reduce or replace the need for physical prototypes in product development

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  • Virtual Learning

    Simplify the process of repair, installation, maintenance and training.

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Our solutions based on Augmented Reality technology increase productivity and efficiency in key business processes.

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Virtual Learning

The use of Augmented Reality to visualize superimposed graphic information elements and models. Allows quick and easy understanding of complex processes by simplifying the repair work, installation, maintenance or training.

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Geolocated information
Combine data from your back-end and critical information from their industrial processes. Geolocation technology allows you to view the information using mobile devices in real time and in the right place.

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Planning and development of products and facilities

Integrating Augmented Reality technology and systems standards measurement industry and will allow mobile devices to simplify and speed the planning of facilities and product development

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Project presentation

Augmented Reality technology will allow powerful presentations of projects integrating graphics, video and 3D images in their drawings, diagrams or catalogs.

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Augmented reality, smartphones, GPS, video cameras and robotics could provide an answer to the age old problem of having the right expertise in the right place by making geography irrelevant - and a collaboration between tech giant IBM and a UK research centre is aiming to prove that it won't cost the Earth.–Thechradar

Thanks to advances in optics, sensors, battery systems, and mobile computing that have come from the smartphone and tablet world, AR is poised to be accessible to many users. It's a tech with fantastic potential–FASTCOMPANY

Top 10 strategic technologies: Through 2013, context aware applications will appear in targeted areas such as location-based services, augmented reality on mobile devices, and mobile commerce.–GARTNER

The enterprise space and government employees could see the first real-world benefits" of AR. Emergencies are a fact of life, and first responders, police and firefighters often arrive at chaotic scenes and need to make sense of the environment and navigate a place they've never been. Wouldn't it be cool if they could see a virtual map of the site or have "X-ray vision" to see underground water and power lines?–MASHABLE