Geolocated data visualization

With this solution, operators of industrial plants and, in general, enterprise systems with complex information, can provide a large amount of data scattered in different databases, to a variety of users directly in the specific site within the facility need.


Presentation of critical information in their own environment

Enrich reality with valuable data available in complex systems by combining real and virtual world, just by looking through the camera of your smartphone or tablet-pc, according to their actual geographical position.


Integration, processing and display of data

Our solution integrates data from the various silos of information that exist within a company (CRM, ERP, CMS CAD-CAM) and displays them in the right place using mobile devices.

Combine the reality and the virtual world to display the required information critical processes in real time and in the right place.


  • Maintenance of industrial plants

  • Verification of production processes

  • Guided tours of facilities

  • Detection service indicators

  • Support


  • Obtaining all necessary data factory directly with your mobile device.

  • Easier to obtain different levels of detail of the information

  • Time savings in information search

  • Possibility of customized information for each level of responsibility

  • Improved response times for any eventuality

  • Obtaining filtered data according to the physical position of the user