Augmented reality allows to simplify and speed up the planning and development of facilities and products, allowing early detection of errors and eliminating physical prototypes

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Checking designs

Detected immediately design flaws allowing evaluate alternatives and visualizing simulation results.

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Analysis of deviations

To determine the deviations shall make the visually faster verification of potential sources of error allowing to reduce or replace the need for physical prototypes.

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Planning designs

Application of Augmented Reality in the planning of machine designs and operating space will allow early detection of faults by reducing the time and cost planning.Anteger eleifend elit sit amet turpis feugiat ultrices. Fusce tincidunt elit ac libero mollis malesuada.


  • Determination and comparison of the deviations in the development of a project

  • Viewing simulations results (test / error)

  • Analysis of manufacturing quality

  • Evaluate design alternatives

  • Planning machinery designs and operating spaces

  • Comparing alternative planning

  • Check construction site preparation


  • Quick visual check of possible failures

  • Early detection of errors in construction or design

  • Reduce or replace the need for physical prototypes

  • Provides visual information related to the installation environment

  • Reliable basis for decision-making

  • Analysis based on actual proportions